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Organizing households

We transform homes to be carefully organized, functional and stylish.

Our services

Tidies can help you organize any part of your home. Whether it's completely unpacking and setting things up for a move or simply any space that needs attention. We'll help you set up and optimize each space.


Cooperation procedure


At a personal meeting we will get to know your ideas and lifestyle. We will create a design and comprehensive organizational plan and measure the space. We always ensure that the plan fully satisfies the client's requirements. We agree on the materials used in the organization, such as beautifully coordinated baskets, boxes, organizers and accessories, which we can also supply.


This step is very important to start transforming the space we are organising. We need to remove junk and unnecessary things like out-of-warranty food, damaged items, unused items, unnecessary duplicates. We can help you decide what to keep and what to let go. We categorize everything and clean up the space we organize.


The third step is the actual organizing and arranging to match the client's needs and lifestyle. We will create a space that is functional and easily sustainable. With the right organizational products that can work wonders, we find a place for every item.


The final step is labeling and final touches. We'll also explain how to keep your space organized so it doesn't revert back to its original chaotic state. Tidies is here to help. We'll give you tips to help you maintain your space so that it works today, tomorrow, forever, and long after we're gone.
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About us

We provide professional organization services that enable our clients to maintain system and order in any space. The goal of good organizing is easily sustainable order that saves time, energy and money. We transform your home into a meticulously organized, functional and stylish

New products in our assortment

It is always a great pleasure for us to be able to introduce you to new organisational products.

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Why it works

Feeling better inside

Clutter, disorganisation and inefficiency can cause feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, stress, distraction or even depression. A clean and organised home will make you feel better. Get rid of the chaos and relax your mind. Living in an organized space can have benefits for your physical and mental health.


Organization isn't about minimalism and throwing things away, it's about striking a balance between what you need, what you love, and what fits functionally in your space. We're not here to force you to throw out all your most valuable belongings. Instead, we'll work with you to determine what goes away, what stays, and how it all fits into place. Everything you own and cherish will have a dedicated place. Putting things back in their proper place will become a natural habit for you. The chaos and cluttering of things is over.

Away with stress

An organized space is an efficient space that saves you time and money. When you know what you have and where you have it, you spend less time searching, stressing and re-purchasing. With proper organization, the shopping list writes itself. Hiring a professional organizer is a great way to take the stress out of home organization. Organizing your home is an investment of time and resources, but well worth the end result


Price list

Each project has its own specifics and different complexity. It is therefore difficult to set one price. A standard project takes approximately 5 - 8 hours depending on the complexity. The materials used (e.g. baskets, boxes, boxes and organizers) according to the client's choice are charged separately.

In order to establish an accurate estimate, we need to have an initial consultation and inspection of the space with the client. The cost of the consultation is deducted from the price of the final implementation. When organizing, we charge a standard rate for labor based on actual hours worked and products used. After the consultation and inspection, we provide a preliminary quote for products and labor.

You can book an inspection and consultation HERE

  • Price of inspection and consultation 45€

Do you see the difference?

Very often you see the difference afterwards and customers ask - how could I work like that?

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